Saturday, 1 November 2008

Bubba Keg

As you might guess I drink a fair amount of coffee. Despite various misgivings about their colonisation of the high-street and their slightly dubious attitude to Fair Trade coffee, I get my coffee from Starbucks as they sell filter-coffee and do a 600ml "venti" size that lasts me the whole morning. This saves me having to leave my desk/spend more money. Obviously that could be waste of a lot of paper-cups, but it's suprisingly hard to find a re-usable take-away coffee cup that size. Until now!

Bubba Keg seem to specialise in cups for long-distance truck drivers, fishermen, camping-types, etc. The 600ml/20oz that I've bought is actually the "mini" size, with their range going up to 52oz. I'm not sure my biceps are strong enough to carry something that weight around!

The model I went for is largely great, although there's a small hole at the top which is necessary to stop the cup exploding or something when you put hot drinks in there, which can cause small leaks.

I got mine from Outdoor GB. Oh and you get 25p of each coffee at Starbucks if you take your own cup.

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