Friday, 12 December 2008


Dilemma #1

I like outdoor swimming. I like Brockwell Lido. There are holding a Winter Swim next Saturday, the 20th, from 12 - 1. It will undoubtedly be cold, it will undoubtedly be "an experience", but will it undoubtedly be a "good idea" ? I can't decide.

Dilemma #2

I like Belgian Beer. Following reading an entry in the Freaky Trigger Advent Calendar of Booze I am very tempted to try Westvleteren 11.3% Trappist beer. It is only made in small quantities by the monks and, by the sound of things, the easiest way to get it is to actually drive to the monastery and pick it up. Having said that Onlyfinebeer sell single bottles for, ahem, £14! And they're only 33cl!!

If I really push the boat out and buy 6, I could get them off a bloke on ebay for a more reasonably 6 for £34.

Can any beer, really be this nice ?

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